Cost Per Click Advertising: Transforming Traffic into Revenue

Cost Per Click Advertising

Now that you’ve begun your pay per click campaign, it’s time to start looking deeper to see where you can bring in more customers and make some extra cash. Cost per click advertising is all about real, factual numbers in your pay per click advertising campaign. As a business owner, you undoubtedly have an idea about which words people will use when searching for information related to your product or service. It make take a week or so however, to discover if the words you think people use to search for your business are, in fact, the words they actually use.

For example, if you run a pet washing business, and you set up your pay per click advertising campaign around the keywords “pet washing,” you may discover that you’re a bit off base. A better pay per click campaign might focus on “pet washing,” but also “dog washing,” “cat washing,” “gerbil washing” and whatever other kinds of pets you wash at your business. Of course all keywords are completely regional, so one set of keywords which works well in one part of the country may not be the words they’re using in another part of the country. The bottom line is that you must know your customer and how he or she speaks if you want to draw them into your website. Cost per click advertising will show you if you do indeed know how they speak.

Cost Per Click Advertising: Transforming Traffic into Business

Your return-on-investment is also very important in cost per click advertising, so whichever pay per click service you use, be sure it’s one that has a solid, proven system to match your ads with search results and content. EClickz is one pay per click service which boasts both a high return-on-investment and a high click-through rate. These two factors add up to more clicks for you and, if your cost per click advertising campaign is set up correctly, a high amount of paying customers tracking to your website.

Cost per click advertising will show you whether the people who end up visiting your site through your pay per click campaign actually end up buying from you. If your keywords are too generic, you won’t be pulling in the right kind of customers to your website. Cost per click advertising is all about instant feedback on your ad campaign.

Cost Per Click Advertising: Analyzing Your Numbers

So how can you use the numbers from cost per click advertising to help you interpret how your pay per click ad campaign is going? Most pay per click services allow you to set bid amounts for your keywords. Basically, you agree to pay somewhere in a certain range on a cost per click basis. The higher your bid on a keyword is, the higher up in the search results your website will be. You can utilize cost per click advertising by changing the ranges of your bids on various keywords. Bid higher on one set of keywords for a couple of days, and then look at your reporting data to see how those keywords did for you. Then lower your bid on that set of keywords and raise your bid on a different set of keywords. You shouldn’t have to adjust your bids on various sets of keywords for too long before you start to see a trend of which keywords work the best.

As soon as you start to see a trend in which keywords pull in the most traffic, then you can really start to hone in on which keywords you want to have the highest bid on in your cost per click advertising campaign. After you have your web traffic up to a healthy level, then you can start seeing how many of the clicks you get actually turn into a customer spending money with you. A cost per click advertising campaign which draws in huge amounts of traffic which never spends money isn’t worth much of anything to any business owner.

Cost per click advertising is all about studying online human nature habits. You’ll pay for any ads as soon as someone clicks on them, so it’s important to make those clicks count. Spending a dollar for someone to spend 10 bucks with you is a huge gain, but if you’re spending a dollar and not getting anyone to buy from you, there’s something wrong. It may be the keywords you’re bidding on, or it may even be your website. Just spend some time figuring out what the problem is, and then you’ll be soaring high on the wings of cost per click advertising.

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