Display Ads To Drive Website Traffic

So you have been advertising with classified ads to generate traffic to your websites. The reason that you have been focused on the smaller, less expensive ads is because many of us can’t afford to spend large chunks of money on huge display ads in the paper.

Once you start seeing some success with your smaller ads and start generating a profit you may want to take a step up and start trying out larger ads that can get you more subscribers faster and increase your profits.

Using display advertising can really increase your overall response, therefore increasing your overall bottom line. While these kinds of ads can be quite pricey, they will create a much faster flood of traffic to your website.

Display ads come in four common sizes.

Size #1 Eighth Of A Page (4 Inches X 5 Inches), Size #2 Quarter Of A Page (6 Inches X 8 Inches), Size #3 Half Of A Page (10.25 Inches X 8 Inches), Size #4 Full Page (10.25 Inches X 15 Inches)

You can find ads in smaller and different odd sizes but these aren’t usually sold by the newspaper. They are sold by resellers.

What a reseller does is buy one of the regular size blocks from a newspaper or a few of them and then breaks the ad space up into smaller various sizes to sell to people. The person obviously makes a profit doing this since they are booking a larger, more expensive ad but it could be just what you are looking for because you can pick up a display ad smaller than an eighth of a page and save more money when starting out.

The final decision as to what size and type of ad you are going to want to purchase really depends on your financial situation. I firmly recommend that you start with the smallest display ad you can find to test the waters even if you can afford a larger ad so you can test the waters and build your way up to the larger ads.

Making the jump to display advertisements is of course something you only want to do after you have used small ads and had success driving traffic to your website with your small, classified ads first.

This will assure that you slowly work your way into display advertising a little at a time and don’t loose your wallet in the process of trying it out. The good thing about getting a very small and less expensive display ad is that if it fails, you can most likely still afford to try again until you get the hang of it

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