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A Copywriter is a Salesperson in Print

So, now ask yourself the question again, do I need a copywriter? The answer is, of course, no. Not if you don’t want to sell things through advertisements or your website. Or, if you don’t care that your sales letters aren’t targeted or well written. But, if like most people, you do understand that effective, persuasive writing would bring about more sales and a greater professional image then yes, you do need a copywriter.

You may believe yourself to be a good writer, with a clear understanding of the English language. However, this does not make you an effective copywriter. A copywriter is trained to write in a persuasive style according to the copy purpose and target audience. As a copywriter myself I can vary my writing style to suit the person I’m aiming the advert at. I can make it feel like the advert or sales letter you’re reading was written just for you, even if 10,000 other people got the same letter through the post.

Would you buy from a website with poor spelling? Let me tell you now, I wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter how well designed the website is, if the spelling is poor it loses all professionalism. If you’re trying to sell to top level decision makers in business you need to write impressively. This means good English and good grammar, or face looking like amateurs.

A good copywriter is able to sell your product and service to any target audience. They will be able to put what you want to say in a written format that will persuade your reader to agree with you. This means you will get increased responses from your written copy be it more sales or more enquiries.

Too many people get bogged down with the design of their advertisements and websites, whilst forgetting that its what you actually say that sells your service. So, however good your website may look it is crucial that your copy appeals to your target and encourages them to buy from you.

Here at Red Balloon Creative our designers work closely with our copywriters, ensuring your website not only looks the part but actually sells your company as well. Professional copywriting can bring about great improvements to your sales and company image. So, whether its website copy, a sales letter or even writing an article Red Balloon Creative are the team to turn to for your copywriting needs. You can get in contact via our website at

We look forward to working with you!

Red Balloon Creative provide the following services:

– Graphic design
– Web design
– Copywriting
– Sales representation

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