Facebook Ads Guide – Download This Facebook Marketing Report!

I’d like to take a minute and talk about Facebook marketing and how you can grow your business using this new traffic source. I’m also going to give you some of my thoughts on Facebook Ads Guide, the how to for Facebook Marketing.

Internet marketing is all about getting cheap, highly targeted traffic to your landing pages and your product offers. Facebook marketing accomplishes that… Almost too well! You see, Facebook marketing is really easy to set up and target, but it’s possible to lose your shirt pretty quickly!

As a little FYI – Facebook is the Internet’s largest traffic source in the US, and growing worldwide. In fact, it just took over the #1 spot – from GOOGLE! Crazy huh?

With Facebook, you get cheap, targeted traffic whenever you need it. Neither Google nor Yahoo can make sure a bold promise without having you jump through all kinds of hoops.

Using Facebook, setting up a campaign is pretty easy to do. All you need are a few images and an idea of exactly who you’re trying to target. Targeting your prospects is as easy as picking relationship status, location, age, favorite books and movies… You’re targeting criteria is pretty involved!

Now, if you’re following along pretty well, great! If not though, let me make a recommendation. Jonathan Volk wrote a book called ‘Facebook Ads Guide’ that walks you through the process, top to bottom. No matter what your specialty is or whether you have an experience with Internet marketing, this book will open your eyes and walk you through the process of Facebook marketing.

Facebook Ads Guide covers a lot of material, but the most important aspects are how to set up your Facebook Ads campaign, how to target your prospective buyers, and how to achieve high click through rates (so you ad spending actually goes down!).

My favorite part about Facebook Ads Guide though, is how easy it is to understand. I’m no marketing genius, but I was able to get through it and set up a Facebook advertising campaign in an evening. That Facebook marketing campaign is still running, getting my site traffic day after day. And that traffic is buying my stuff!

I’m the sort of person that needs to having things laid out in a very straightforward, methodical way in order to actually learn anything. Facebook Ads Guide does just that.

Facebook Ads Guide also packages some pretty awesome bonuses. These things work in combination with the guide to really magnify your results. The bonuses teach you things like how to build your email marketing list from Facebook, how to do keyword targeting and how to become a super affiliate with Facebook marketing.

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