How to Find the Best PPC Conversion Tracking Software

With the advent of online business the pay per click advertise has become an indistinguishable part of e-commerce. There are many organizations today that sells their products online to their customers who may be individuals (B2C e-commerce) or other organizations (B2B e-commerce).

Generally PPC service providers are search engines or other websites providing services of people-interest like search engine, chatting machine, mobile SMS, e-mail etc. The business organizations have to sign up these sites to show their advertisements on certain search pages. Here the payment is made based on the number of qualified ‘click-through’ of the PPC advertise.

PPC Conversion Tracking

One can measure his Return on investment (ROI) on his pay per click campaigns using a method called PPC conversion tracking. While running the PPC campaigns one can know easily the number of sales or leads his website is generating. But if he uses PPC conversion tracking software he will be able to trace each sale or lead to a specific keyword, advertisement, group and campaigns. This information helps one to plan for PPC budget and maximize the profit from the PPC advertisement.

There is a rule of thumb that 20% of the keywords are responsible for 80% of the sales. So, the idea is to find out the keywords most of the visitors are interested in and responsible for most of the conversions. Bidding may be arranged for these keywords among the merchants which in turn earn profit indirectly on the other hand he can remove the keywords which may bring visitors but fails to lead them into a conversion, whereby he will be able to minimize the waste.

Attributes Of a Good Software of Such Genre

The PPC conversion tracking software should obviously reveal the most lucrative keywords. Besides to be among the best quality software it should be able to revealĀ  various geographical areas, active days and hours along with the sources of referrals in a real time mode.

The PPC tracking software should work automatically as far as possible. It should compute different data factors and analyze daily result automatically, which in turn saves man-hours and cost to the company.

PPC tracking software should provide immediate information related to keyword analysis.

The tracking and conversion of PPC software should be able to handle both direct linking campaigns and landing page campaigns.

The software is desired to possess the ability to view the keyword people keyed prior to viewing the ad.

It should be able to view how each word of the keyword is performing.

It should be easy to use and user friendly so that minimal man-hours is wasted to train the end user.

There are a number of PPC conversions tracking software available in the market. Today, when web based electronic market has grown up; there is a good opportunity to make profit by making PPC advertisement for various business organizations. But care should be taken so that the investment and the work don’t go in vain. Here lies the necessity of the PPC conversion tracking and PPC conversion tracking software.

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