How to Get Into Copywriting and Make Money

Exactly How To Get Into Copywriting and Make money while doing it has been the topic of the year. Hundreds of people are literally making at least $200 just by copywriting and selling products. Freelance copywriting has seemed to skyrocket in the past year. Here is a couple of copywriting tips on how you can sit at home and make money from your computer!


1. Find a decent product to sell- This is the number one tip in any copywriting training guide. Picking a good product will make your profit margin larger. I suggest staying away from third party products such as Clickbank or Shareasale. In freelance copywriting, it is best to make your own product (ebook, software, etc).


2. Create a website to place your sales letter- This is where a good copywriting course will become handy! Good copywriting is all about making a good sales letter. With a good sales pitch, you can make someone buy your product by evoking emotions. To learn how to do this, seek copywriting training.


3. Advertise your copywriting sales letter- Now, listen carefully to these copywriting tips because this is where most people tend to go wrong, including me when I first started. Never pay for advertisement! You can get way more customers for free by advertising through social networks such as Myspace, message boards, forums, blogs, Youtube than you ever would paying for Google Adwords.


4.  Advertise using software- When trying to make money copywriting, posting one ad on Craigslist will not do you any good. In the copywriting world, competition is fierce, and you need a software that will post hundreds of ads per day to message boards, craigslist,etc. Be careful when buying posting software as being are old and outdated causing them to be ineffective.


5. Continue to market and make new products! Even though you might have a good copywriting ad for your website, you increase your profit margin when you offer new products.  More products equals more customers.


6. Find a good copywriting course that will show you the ins and outs of perfecting a sales letter. The better your sales letter, the higher your chances are of someone buying your product. Remember, once you learn the copywriting formula, you will be able to make a decent living working from home. This is How To Get Into Copywriting and Make Money



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