How to Promote Your Website Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Business owners have a common goal when it comes to Internet marketing. They want to get the most website hits for the least amount of money. Increasing income without spending a fortune on advertising can be accomplished with the right marketing strategy. Pay-per-click advertising is one way to achieve that goal.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Pay-per-click ads can serve as part of a profitable advertising campaign. Pay-per-click ads work well because, rather than paying a flat fee, you only pay to reach people who are actually interested in your product or service. This type of advertising is an effective way to promote your website. It helps keep costs down while directing only targeted traffic to your site.

It takes a little knowledge and skill to build an effective ad campaign. A poorly devised pay-per-click ad can cost a lot of money and still be ineffective at increasing sales. It is imperative to have a solid marketing plan. Start with these simple steps:

1. Carefully choose your keywords. Keywords are the backbone of a successful pay-per-click ad campaign. Use the right set of keywords to reach targeted traffic and build your revenue. Many keyword tools are available to help you sort through popular choices. Remember that search engine optimization is the way to get website hits from search engines. The higher your site ranks, the better the click-through rate you can expect.

2. Use captivating writing. An effectively written and carefully worded ad is your best bet for success. Each pay-per-click ad must captivate and intrigue the reader enough to make him click on it. A poorly written ad has the opposite effect and will not only lead to disappointment and lost revenue, but possibly to the removal of your ad.

3. Include a call to action. Asking potential customers to opt in to your mailing list or to make a purchase is essential for building your business. Use simple lines that clearly tell the reader what to do. Tell them to act right away, offer them a free bonus for signing up, or lure them in with information that’s not generally available.

4. Develop a solid landing page. No pay-per-click ad campaign is effective if it fails to direct potential customers to a quality landing page. Make sure your landing page is informative, neat and creative. Be sure it is search engine optimized to bring in more traffic. Remember that the homepage on your website is not necessarily the best landing page for new customers. Create a distinct page that gives customers what they want upfront.

5. Devise a new ad campaign. An effective Internet marketing campaign includes a variety of advertising methods. To attract more attention, switch up your advertising methods and create new pay-per-click ads for different sets of keywords.

Pay-Per-Click Programs

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter are three major pay-per-click programs. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. The only way to tell if these programs can drive traffic to your website is to test them and use their tracking features to see what is working. Regardless of which pay-per-click program you decide to go with, keyword research and market analysis are essential to your overall success. Do your homework, be prepared and create a pay-per-click ad campaign that will boost your revenue without breaking the bank.

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