Insider Information On Copywriting Training

The internet in particular has created a need for top copy writing. Every business on the internet is trying to sell their product or service using copywriting. Most of the copy has been written by people who have had no copywriting training and these companies are now looking for free lance copy writers. Some of the larger companies who have employed top copywriters are seeing their sales boosted dramatically.

Hi, my name is Cynthia and I have spent the last 4 years writing copy for websites. I have found that by sticking with the basic principles of selling, my copy has been very successful.

It is possible to get good copywriting training using different approaches.

Here is a list of ways you can learn copywriting.

You can teach yourself copy writing using books. There is a good selection of books that have been written by the world’s best copywriters. Many of the better books were written by copy writers who were involved in direct marketing. Although they don’t relate directly to writing on the web the sales process remains the same. Just go to Amazon and search for copy writing or Ad writing. Joe Sugarman’s book “Triggers” is a good starting point.

Using books will help, you can read as many as you like, each will give you specific ideas and you can adapt their ideas to your style of writing. The books are relatively cheap. There are also tips and suggestions you can get off the forums. The only down side is the lack of coaching and the length of time it may take to get to a top level because your work is not being critiqued by an expert.

Courses. There are different levels of courses and their prices vary dramatically. To start at the bottom you can buy a course that will give you immediate access to their workbooks, and CDs or videos and you will have a series of exercise to complete.

This type of course is a home study course and you will have limited if any access to the people running it.

The more interactive your course is the more expensive it will be. Not all courses are equal. Before you sign up for a course check out the credibility of the person providing it. You want to know they have been around a while and that they have been a successful copywriter. Just using Google and typing in their name will be a good starting point.

You want to know that you are going to get feedback on your work and that the person looking at it knows what they are talking about.
The huge advantage of feedback (coaching) is that it will push you to do your best work. Then you will be able to write excellent copy for any client.

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