Internet Display Ads and Its Other Forms

Common types of advertising, used are:

Business card ad: These are basically used to tell who you are, who are you and what is it that you sell. Starts with a small logo, and occupies lesser space.

Sale ad: Unlike coupon ad sale ad welcomes customers to walk in to their store and get discount on certain products, department or an entire store.

Informational ad: Such ads are more like Q&A ads offering you professional advice on a topic your store covers. Make it read like an article instead of an ad.

Coupon ad: Such ads offer coupons to customers. These are basically to lure customers to visit their stores with the use of the coupons given to them. One can easily track the effectiveness of such ads, to see how many actually responded to such coupon offers made.

Spotlight ads are commonly used offline like in newspapers. This type of ad focuses the attention towards a particular product or their logo. It is usually run as a larger display and is spotted once in a while through out the year.

The most popular one online is internet display ads. How does this work online. Internet medium makes use of such ads that usually appear on the same page or adjacent to the editorial content. But classified ads are spotted in a distinct section, which is more like a text format with limited choice of different typeface.

Online ads’ content is not limited by geography or time. Hence, we can run such ads across all countries through out the year without being constrained by space. The other forms of online ads are:

Floating ads – these ads are those which float above the content or moves on the user’s screen.

Wallpaper ad – When you are viewing your web page the back ground of the page changes automatically, such ads are known as wall paper ads.

Pop Under – In this case the ad is sent behind the currently viewed page, the user will not get to see it, till he closes the main page he’s viewing.

Mobile ads – These are ads through SMS, cost effective, and reach a larger audience simultaneously.

Map ad: Such ads have graphics or a text linked from, and appears in or over, an electronic map like a goggle map.

Expanding ad: When ads change their size and may alter the contents of the web page itself.

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