Keyword Research ? Unlocking the Door to Untold Search Marketing Profits

There’s little debate among search marketing experts that Keyword Research is a vital part of achieving success with pay-per-click and search engine optimization.

So What is Keyword Research Exactly?

In a nutshell, Keyword Research is the process of discovering and optimizing for the specific keywords and search queries that people are typing into search engines. By performing Keyword Research effectively, you will continuously discover quality and action-producing keyword opportunities, thereby establishing a big advantage over your competition.

What are the Steps Involved in Keyword Research?

Keyword research can be a complex process, and there are right ways to conduct your keyword research and wrong ways to go about it. But the good news is with patience and practice, anyone can master this technique to achieve search marketing success and growing profits for your business.

Wrong Ways to Conduct Keyword Research

Traditional Keyword Research methods are flawed. Some of the most popular methods for performing Keyword Research are to use:

Brainstorming sessions – sit around and think up keyword your customers might use to find you.

Third party keyword tools – choose from one of the host of free keyword tools across the Internet.

The trouble with these approaches is they’re inherently flawed. With brainstorming, you’re using guesstimates to assume which keyword people will search on to find your site, with no real data to back up your assertions. With free keyword tools, they generate static lists of keywords, which are based on estimated searches (not actual searches); are free to are public, so everyone in the world has access to them (no competitive advantage); and are not relevant to your specific website and your specific visitors.

So how do you do Keyword Research the right way?

Best Method for Conducting Keyword Research.

To ensure your search marketing efforts will prosper, you need to make sure your Keyword Research is done correctly. This means you need to get your data from your own website, through your own historical visitor data files. This way you’re guaranteeing your Keyword Research is:

Relevant – the keywords people used to find your particular website are right in your server logs and are related to what your website has to offer.

Competitive – your server logs are private, so unlike free third party keyword tools, nobody else has access to them. This gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Fresh – people are finding your site everyday through search queries on the Internet. All this data is collected by your server logs,giving you a steady stream of new keyword opportunities each day.

Once you discover your new keywords through Keyword Research, you need to author highly-focused content on your website for them. By doing this, you’re ensuring your site content is of superior relevance to your audience and you’ll be rewarded by the search engines with higher rankings in the SERPs and more visitor conversions.

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