Pay Per Click Advertising in a nutshell

Pay Per Click Advertising In A Nutshell

Pay per click advertising is an amazing system that’s been around since the late 1990’s. It basically allows advertisers to generate a ton of web traffic through search engines. Have you ever noticed those helpful sites that show up as “sponsored sites” next to your list of search results? Those sponsored sites are pay per click advertisers, and they only pay for those ads when you click on them.

Today’s consumer looks to the internet to find out more about various products and services. Because of how web-savvy today’s consumer is, Pay per click advertising provides the perfect opportunity to direct interested parties to your website. It’s practically perfect! You only pay for the ads potential customers click on, which means your pay per click advertising only reaches those who are truly interested in your business. You give them the opportunity to learn about your business by putting your ads out there, and then you only pay the ads which actually compel people to click on them. After all, people who don’t click on your ad most likely won’t become your customers anyway, so why pay to advertise to them?

Pay Per Click Advertising: Click-Through Rates

One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a company to set up your Pay Per Click advertising through is the company’s click-through rate. The click-through rate is basically the ratio of people who actually click on the ads listed by that company.

One pay per click service which has a phenomenal click-through rate is eClickZ. What makes eClickZ pay off even better for pay per click advertising is the Return-on-Investment guarantee. The average cost per click is much lower with eClickZ, so that, paired with the high click-through rate means you’ll get a lot of exposure in exactly the right places.

A high click-through rate shows you two things about the service you’ve chosen. As an advertiser, it shows you that the service makes good choices when pairing your ads with search results and other content. For publishers a higher click-through rate simply means more money.

Pay Per Click Advertising: Fraudulent Clicks

As with most good things in life, there’s always a risk for fraud, but a good pay per click service will have something in place to protect you from fraudulent clicks. There are a lot of bots and other computer traffic on the World Wide Web that aren’t actually attached to a human being. Computers around the world are constantly accessing data on the internet, which can leave you with a huge bill for clicks that don’t have a chance to generate business for you.

When you’re considering which pay per click service to go with for your business, always check out the fraud protection first. For example, eClickZ uses its own system called ClickWatcher. It’s a fraud detection and prevention system which filters out robot traffic, repeated clicks from the same IP address in a 24-hour period, and even clicks from non-English speaking countries. Pay per click advertising is all about exposure to people who are actually interested in your product, and you don’t get that exposure with these kinds of clicks. That’s why a good pay per click service will make sure you don’t pay for them.

Pay Per Click Advertising: Distribution Systems

Another thing to check out when you’re looking for a pay per click advertising service is their distribution system. You want to find a pay per click service which give you exposure right where you need it. After all, an ad for kitty litter probably won’t draw much traffic if it ends up next to content or search results that are about auto repair. A good pay per click advertising service will have a solid system for deciding which ads end up where.

You also want to make sure your ads reach customers who can actually purchase from you. If you only ship to addresses in the United States, it does you no good for your ad to be seen by people in the United Kingdom. EClickZ uses a special marketing tool which carefully calculates the best locations for your ads. From there, the pay per click advertising service distributes your ads to over 1,800 search sites, coordinated specifically by the information you enter into the system when you set up your pay per click advertising campaign.

Most Pay per click advertising companies like eClickZ allow you to pay by bidding on keywords or choosing a flat rate per click. Whichever way you decide to go, you’re sure to get a great return on your pay per click advertising investment if you choose a great service to run your campaign.

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