Pay Per Click Advertising is a Search Engine Branding Tool

A lot has been said about how pay per click advertising can be used to drive targeted traffic to your website, but did you know you can also use pay per click ads to brand your business?

It’s true. One of the most often overlooked aspects of pay per click advertising is the powerful branding force it can be. I’m not just talking about Google AdWords either. I’m talking about the whole shebang.

Whether you write ads for Google, Yahoo!, MSN, one of the smaller pay per click companies, or a specialty or niche website, your company brand can be instrumental in getting you additional business and creating top of mind awareness among your target market. Even if you never get a click from an ad, just the ad’s existence by itself can be a useful branding tool. The next time someone sees your business name, website URL, or branded logo, they’ll realize they’ve seen you before. Get your brand in enough places and eventually those targeted consumers will be at your website seeing what you have to offer.

There are three ways to brand your company online:

• Use your company name


• Displaying your website URL


• Your branded logo


Since we’re talking about pay per click, we won’t discuss the logo. But your company name and website URL are very powerful tools in pay per click advertising.

Yes, you need keywords. Don’t give up on those. Ideally, you would have your primary keyword as a part of your company name and your website URL. That’s the most effective branding strategy. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

If you do have a company brand and a website URL that uses your primary keyword then you are in like Flynn. All you have to do is list your company name and website URL once each along with an effective use of your keyword in your pay per click advertising efforts and you have instant branding. But what if your keyword is not a part of your URL or company name?

Well, then you have other options:

• You can run ads based solely on your company brand name


• Your ads can focus on your website URL


• You still write keyword-based ads, but use your URL or company name in those ads


The first pay per click option allows you to write ads based on your company name. If it’s a recognizable name then this is easy, but if your company name isn’t well known then you have to brand it. I wouldn’t recommend this tactic with Google, MSN, or Yahoo!, but if your ads appear on websites within your industry then this is a good tool to use. You run a sponsored ad on a related website using your company brand name three times (once in the ad’s title and a couple of times in the body content of the ad). If your company name is also your website URL then you can run your company name again within your display URL.

The second option is to focus on your URL. Are you promoting a particular product or service at a specific URL? Some pay per click companies will allow you to have a display URL and a destination URL. Use the web page you want to send traffic to as your destination URL and your home page (without the index.html) as the display URL. You can also use that display URL in your ads title and once in the body of your ad’s content.

The best and most effective way to brand your company with pay per click advertising, however, is with keywords in combination with your website URL and/or your company brand name. In this case, you include your keyword as well as your company name or URL in the title and once or twice each in your ad’s content. It should look something like this:

Brick MarketingSearch Engine Optimization Firm
Brick Marketing offers Search Engine Optimization Services to drive customers to your website.


See how “Brick Marketing” AND “Search Engine Optimization” appear in both the title and the body of the ad? This is effective branding because it connects your company name and website URL with the specific keyword phrase you want people to associate you with. In the title, you can put your company first as above or put the keyword first and your company behind it. Either way, you are associating your company brand with the keyword phrase that you want people to remember when they think about you. It also works to get people to think about your company when they see the keyword phrase and the effect is to get them to associate both the company and the keyword any time they see either one somewhere else on the Web.

When it comes to branding your company online, pay per click advertising is one of the most powerful tools you have.


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