Pay Per Click Marketing: At a glance

Pay Per Click Marketing

Starting a new business is a whirlwind of responsibility. It all starts with an idea, but balloons quickly into so many other things, especially after you’ve got it all together and you’re waiting for that first customer to walk through the door or onto your website. So how do you get the word out about your new business? The answer lies in pay per click marketing.

Pay per click Marketing is the business start-up’s dream for advertising. It requires just a small investment up front, and after that you only pay for the ads which go to people who want to know about your business. These are people who’ve searched for something online and clicked on your ad next to search results or content they located in their search for information. Pay per click marketing is the perfect way to spread the word to the people who are the most likely to actually spend money with you.

Pay per click marketing may sound like a big, fancy job you need someone with credentials to fill. However, you can run your own pay per click marketing campaign easily from your own home or office without much training beforehand.

Pay Per Click Marketing: Where to Start

To begin your pay per click marketing campaign, start by analyzing your market. Who is your target customer? Who is most likely to use your product or service? After you figure out who your customer will be, then you can start deciding which keywords you want to target. The keywords should be words your target audience would type into a search window whenever they’re looking for information related to your business.

Start by thinking about what words most people say when they’re describing your business. You don’t want to get too fancy or exact when choosing keywords, or your ads won’t show up in online searches. You also don’t want to stay too general with your keywords, or you’ll have ads showing up in places where there’s no value for you to have them.

Pay Per Click Marketing: Advanced Skills

The final step in your pay per click marketing campaign is to set up your ads. It’s important to choose a pay per click system that works best for you and your business. Most pay per click services allow you to organize your marketing campaign around geographic locations. This is one of the most important aspects of any pay per click marketing campaign because about half of all online searches are people looking for local results.

After you’ve got your ads set up, take some time to think about all the extras. For example, how does your website look? Do people glance at it and then click off it immediately? How long does the average visitor spend on your website?

One interesting feature eClickZ has available to its pay per click marketers is the search box feature. These days most websites have a search box which allows visitors to look for specific things on that website. There’s so much information on the internet these days that those search boxes have become almost necessary for some websites. Instead of building your own search box into your website, why not let your Pay Per Click service like eClickZ place one on your website? By doing it this way you also let them pay you by becoming an affiliate, in addition to being an advertiser.

Pay Per Click Marketing: Staying On Top of Things

Finally, it’s always important to stay on top of your pay per click marketing campaign. Monitor how well your keywords do in internet searches and be prepared to make changes. Watch the numbers and track them constantly through your pay per click service. Before you sign up for any pay per click service, make sure the reports those services use are easy to understand. Those reports will be full of numbers and graphs, but if you don’t understand what they say, you can’t run a successful pay per click marketing campaign.

The numbers from your pay per click service show you exactly how many people use the keywords you’re targeting, and how many of those people actually click on your ads. All pay per click marketing systems will give you a click-through rate at the end of the day, and this click-through rate shows how well customers are receiving your ads.

Lower click-through rates mean people see your ads but aren’t clicking on them. It’s always a good idea to research the click-through rates of any pay per click marketing services you consider. EClickZ, for one, has a very high click-through rate, which means the system they use to locate the best places for your ads works better than some other pay per click marketing systems.

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