Pay Per Click (ppc) Programs

Pay Per Click (PPC) Programs 

 Search engine positioning and placement is critical for increasing your website traffic. Just a few good positions can drive traffic in thousands to your website, day after day. While search engine optimization is an essential long-term strategy to boost ‘organic’ search engine rankings, it takes time and there are no guarantees. That’s why paid search advertising is a necessary supplement to organic search engine optimization. With pay-per-click advertising, you can get any amount of traffic and first page search engine exposure if you are prepared to pay for it.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a feature that is now being offered by the major search engines. Through a competitive bidding process, you can buy a favorable position on the search engine results for specific keyword search phrases that you choose. You pay for results only on a “per click” basis, hence the name Pay per Click Advertising. The twin advantages of PPC advertising are immediate visibility and strategic placement. When you opt for PPC advertising the listing process can be done within just a couple of days. Which means that you can feature ‘right up there’ almost immediately. Of equal importance is the fact that you can determine your ad placement within the search results, depending on your budget. This method of advertising is highly valued by advertisers, because it gives them complete control over their ad spends and also due to the fact that they can monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns and take rapid corrective action. This results in minimal wastage of vital ad budget allocations. Right now, Pay-per-Click is the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most effective method of advertising on the Internet. While almost all major search engines offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising opportunities, Google AdWords and Yahoo! Overture represent the two best Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising programs on the Internet today.

The most popular PPC provider on the internet today is Google. It is commonly known as Google Cost-per-Click Program. There is no monthly minimum spending requirement and bids start at $.05. Himshilp professionals have the unique qualification of having worked with Google Adwords right from its inception. This has provided us with deep insights on how the system works and how to work around its limitations. Our vast experience helps us in structuring your ads intelligently and in getting maximum mileage for every dollar you spend.

Yahoo-Overture is the other major PPC provider. We know what works and how to generate low-cost traffic to make your PPC adds attract clients starting the very first day. We setup your online PPC advertising program, making it easy and trouble free to attract new clients. Our experience and expertise will ensure a highly cost effective PPC program optimized to meet your marketing goals. Across a wide spectrum of clients, we have over the years, developed highly effective PPC campaigns resulting in maximum Click Through Rate (CTR). Our PPC Experts constantly monitor your PPC bids for the different keywords, the click through rate for those keywords, the ROI (Return On Investments) and other minute details. We observe conversion rates over time and edit campaigns resulting in maximization of ROI  (Return On Investments).

We periodically provide you with comprehensive reports regarding the amount of clicks per keyword, individual and average click through rate, the individual and average cost per click and other reports. Monthly management services are also available to ensure you get optimum results month after month.

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