Perks And Drawbacks Of Becoming A Freelance Copywriter

Every action has a corresponding reaction, as they say. The end result may be dependent on how you acted on a particular situation. Although, there are situations where end results are uncontrollable due to some factors.

The perks and drawbacks of working as a freelance copywriter will most likely depend on how you manage every situation. Some can well be managed within your reach while there will always be situations wherein you will have no control over.

1. It’s all about time.

Most copywriters tend to go freelance because of the issue about time. Freelancers are their own time-keepers, the best advantage they have over the ones tied inside a cubicle working eight hours a day or doing overtime even during weekends or holidays. Freelance copywriters can accept or reject work based on their availability.

Time, can also be a disadvantage for freelance copywriters. Although they work on their own pace, in their own working environment, deadlines are still deadlines. Your clients will be strict with cut-off date for the materials you need to submit.

2. Projects are low-profile.

Advertising is a tough business. Competition is rough. Due to this notion, most well-known companies go for an established ad agency to do copywriting work for them. Some have their own advertising department in their company.

Commonly, freelance copywriters are hired by budding companies or novice entrepreneurs to promote their products. This is done since most freelance copywriters have fees which is likely affordable especially to those that are just starting business.

Another factor which contributes to freelance copywriters who have low-profile projects are having less contacts to the “right people” which can give them the good break they deserve. Hence, networking is very essential if you wish to go freelance. The “right” kind of people will bring you to the ladder of success you dream of stepping into.

Begin networking with your friends, your friends’ friends and so on. It would be best if you could distribute calling cards, leaflets or brochures letting people know that you exist and that you are good. It will be better to show them what you got after you grabbed their attention. You need to sell yourself first, before writing to sell.

3. Pay can be good or bad.

It can be an advantage to you if you are receiving a fair pay as a freelance copywriter. You will most likely receive good pay if you have good projects and worked well on those projects and if you have more projects coming.

You may find yourself in debt if projects just come every full moon. A copywriting expert once advised that for you to have a smooth-flowing income, you need to obtain projects when you are busy. From those prospective projects, select a project which you can finish on the set deadline so that after you are done with the present project you are working then you have another one to work into.

Time, the type of project and pay can have its perks and disadvantages if you choose to become a freelance copywriter. Benefits will flow to your side if you know how to deal with every situation that you may be faced in. You will encounter drawbacks if you have gone astray with your work and your attitude.

Being a freelance copywriter is not an easy job, it requires more of you. You need to give not only your ideas but your heart as well.

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