SEO Copywriting Services ? Tips On How To Employ The Best

Search Engine Optimisation

A SEO enabled website improves the number of hits that reach your website via search engine results. In SEO field content is king. Having a flash website is not enough to attract clients to tour website, you want keywords, meta tags and content rich information that will drive traffic to your website through popular search engines.

There are thousands of SEO copywriting service providers advertising their service on the Internet. There is also a lot of self help advice and articles which can help you optimise your website online. Some of these SEO experts provide tools to help you optimise your website yourself, while some offer both web design and SEO content as a package.

But how effective are these experts and the tools they promote? The following checklist will highlight how to employ the best professional copywriting service to achieve maximum SEO exposure at the best price.

Understand the meaning of SEO

Many copywriters purport to know what SEO means but to them it is just a standard term used to spruce up good writing skills. You can check the knowledge of the service provider by asking them about key words such as keyword density, long tail key word searches, keyword analysis etc. If they are unable to provide definite answers to such questions and how they can increase the traffic to your website, then they most likely cannot help you.

Provide detailed information.

Ensure you provide your copywriter with detailed knowledge of the service you need, if your focus is on your clients make sure you get your message across. Most SEO copywriter are more interested in optimising your website using keywords and engaging content but lose sight of your clients and their needs. Once the client access your website, consider if the information relevant. Agree detailed briefing with your service provider, giving as much information as you can throughout the process.

SEO service by referrals.

Most SEO copywriting services always love to blow their trumpet by referring to websites they have been able to “optimise” online. If a service provider states that they offer top ranking website on the most popular search engine, it is always best to check out their claim. Type in the website’s key word or main product and see if it is at the top of the list. A lot of these professional copywriting providers make claims to get your business but do not get your URL to the top of the pile.

Request for updates.

Make sure you stay in connection with your professional copywriter regularly. Keep abreast of new developments on your website and ask for additional changes to be sent to you for approval. Before signing a copywriter read their terms and conditions and make sure they allow unlimited editing. You do want to be stuck with a website that does not produce reliable results.


The cost of SEO copywriting varies considerably. Some charge at the high end of the market even thousands of pounds for SEO optimization, while some charge a few hundred pounds for the same service. Expensive does not necessarily mean better. Be clear on what to expect and always ask questions if anything is unclear.

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