The Direct Link Between Marketing And Copywriting

The popularity of the Internet has really taken its toll. Nowadays, existing businesses all over the world are also rushing to make their online presence ramped up.

Surely, people are beginning to prefer making online purchases than buying stuff the traditional way. That is because people find Internet transactions much more convenient and practical.

Annually, the number of Internet transactions are rising rapidly that businesses are rushing to establish strategies that would help them underpin the trend. Traditional marketing schemes of the conventional corporate world are also evolving and now are directly employing the skills and versatility of copywriting.

Why copywriting?

Conventionally, marketing and copywriting are two different concepts that are not related to each other. The concepts have independent worlds that have dynamics not overlapping each other.

But the Internet is special. The Internet is one media where people get in to entertain themselves, get knowledge or just kill time. Thus, the Internet is one world dominated by copywriters.

As corporate firms swoon into the Internet, they must form that alliance with copywriters. Thus, marketing is introduced to copywriters. These copywriters must then produce marketing outputs that are aimed at boosting the sales figures of online businesses.

The traditional marketers are threatened to lose their jobs over copywriters. So, some of them learn copywriting themselves.

As copywriters invade online marketing, traditional marketers compromise to get into the picture and incorporate their skills into copywriting.

Marketing and copywriting

In the past, marketing and copywriting people are strangers to each other. Now it is recognized that they are actually estranged bed mates, who must strive to complement each other to achieve a common goal.

That common goal would be to persuade people into buying the products sold through a particular online site.

To be effective in marketing online products, one has to be good in copywriting. And to write good and effective copies for the purpose, one has to be a good marketer, at the same time.

How to create a good marketing copy

Now the challenge for the copywriter would be how to come up with a convincing marketing copy. Statistics reveal that only about 2% of overall online businesses actually generate sales.

Much of the online transactions are also limited to the established online auctioneering sites, which have accumulated reliability over the years. Now, the rest, or 98% of the online businesses in operations currently must cope up and overhaul their marketing copies.

To be able to so do, you, as a copywriter should always bear in mind that you are writing to yield results, read: to generate sales.

How could you do that? Seasoned marketers would assert that you, as a sales person, must be as sincere as possible. In other words, you must strive to make the copies sound as if you are really convinced yourself about the product you are selling, even if, in truth, you are not.

Remember, being sincere does not require you to confess your disbelief in the products. You can do so by revealing the limitations of the products, but offering solutions and suggesting ways on how the potential buyers could correct such product limitations.

As a copywriter, you should also make sure that you are using the right words, that are arranged in the right and effective order and that are aimed at the right audience.

Before copywriting, it is recommended that you first take a quick rundown and knowledge about the intended readers for the copies. Know their demographics, their interests and their needs and feed on those data.

Also use the simplest and most effective of words. Be concise, accurate and direct to the point. Remember, in the online media, there is an information overload that must have already been feeding up your readers.

Crafting short, yet, bulls-eye statements would surely create a great and direct impression and would likely make the feet of your readers move according to your instructions.

You do not need to write grammatically perfect copies, though, doing so is still recommended. Wordiness must be eliminated and graphics should be reduced.

Marketing and copywriting are directly linked, don’t you think? Good marketers can truly be good copywriters, as well as effective copywriters can be good marketers.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on copywriting or becoming a copywriter checkout his recommended websites.

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