Twitter Marketing Tools – 5 Tools To Help You Market On Twitter And Generate Cash

There are so many tools provided by twitter (some not immediately obvious) that you can take advantage of whilst using Twitter to make money. If you make the special effort to use all of them wisely this can have the effect of jump starting your business and really draw your customers to your sales point.

Lets take a quick look at the best free tools you can use if you cannot afford the POWER TOOLS that the professionals use.


You run this from your pc and connect to your twitter account with it, where you can pretty much handle all aspects of your twitter. It is possible to manage several Twitter accounts via tweetdeck, and control the whole “follow and unfollow” problems that professional users face.


(Formerly Tweet Later) allows for tweet scheduling (useful), offers the option of repeating your tweets as often as you like (known as recurring tweets, but only with the paid option) lets you automatically follow those twitter users that follow you, and also allows you to them private direct messages to say thanks when the do follow you, and also automate the process of no longer following those that have stopped following you. These free features above should be efficient for the vast majority of those just starting out, butt when you require something powerful you can upgrade to their paid service.


(Soon to be called gremln) is available completely for free for anyone that has a twitter account, and you can login using the same username and password as you use to login with twitter. This service is really useful for scheduling both tweets and recurring tweets, and is free as mentioned above so is definitely a tool you just have to try if you do not want to use the services of professional twitter marketing providers!


Twitpic allows you to share your pictures via twitter, which is a wonderful way of making all your new followers feel really welcome when they first follow you. Twitpic is free for anyone that has a twitter account and you can login using the same username and password as you use to login with twitter. Another wonderful feature of TwitPic is the option of sharing your pictures using a mobile device, perfect for the picture sharer on the move!


This tool allows you to find users you want to follow. You simply search for tweets on a subject you like, and Twollo will find them for you and automatically starts following them for you. The only drawback for you if you do not have much money is that this service is not free, however if you are really serious about marketing on twitter you will want to get a paid service and start twitter marketing in earnest with professional strategies.

Indeed, professional twitter users are prepared to spend a little now in the early stages as they know the true power of twitter marketing, and they know that they can quickly recoup the small expenditure required to purchase the best twitter marketing tools. After all, you would not expect twitter marketing strategies to be free, now would you?

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