Using Display Ads & Sem To Your Advantage

When considering your online marketing campaign, you’ll be faced with the question: display ads or paid search? However, you don’t need to decide between the two. Together, they can expand your reach and produce excellent results.

Standard banner ads are great for branding and contextual targeting. Paid search ads will come up in the search engines, and attract visitors who are currently looking for your product. Retargeted banner ads will display across the web to those who have already been to your site, but failed to complete a purchase.

Let’s say visitors search your product through relevant keywords, and then they arrive at your site. They look around, and eventually click onto another site without making a purchase. Retargeting can track those visitors, and entice them back by using your banners on the next site they visit.

Here’s How You Benefit:
•    You can focus display ad spending on those who have already expressed interest in your product.
•    It gives visitors that extra bump that can turn them into customers.

How do you get started? There are various service providers or technology platforms that offer retargeting and banner ad display campaigns. Or, you could choose specific ad content networks that offer tools with similar functionality. Some retargeting companies can give your products greater reach because they can display your ads across multiple networks.

It’s so important to keep visitors engaged as much as possible. By combining display ads, paid search and retargeting, you can do just that.

Also, you may want to consider hiring a company for search and one for display. Just make sure you pick a retargeting provider that has the most reach or works with multiple platforms.

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