Using SEO Copywriting Services Effectively

One problem with a lot of webmasters is that they pay good money for SEO copywriting services, yet aren’t able to use the new articles to their fullest. Don’t let this happen to you! Even if you ordered a thousand articles from your SEO service provider, they’ll stay as articles until you begin using them effectively to promote your site and sell your products.

Link, Link, Link!

Don’t think that those articles you had made are only good as text. Using articles as just bunches of words is the wrong way to make use of Internet copy, especially when it’s optimized.

Maximize your articles by placing links to your site among the text, whether they’re within the paragraphs themselves or as a footnote to the whole piece. That way, you get to get the most benefit out of a single piece of optimized copy. How does it happen?

Search engines today are designed to look for content, and your articles count as exactly that. With the right keywords and topics, your articles could get high rankings with the search engines. And because your articles all link to your site, they’re passing that high ranking right along to your main page.

On top of that, you’ll also be attracting visitors (albeit indirectly) to your main page. Just imagine the scenario: a curious reader wants to know more about something mentioned in the article, and then sees a link to what looks like a resource. The next logical step for the reader would then be to click on the link and thus end up on your main site.

Post, Post, Post!

Every time you purchase SEO copywriting services, there’s an implied (if not explicitly stated) agreement that the ownership of the articles transfers to you once the deal is done. And since they’re yours anyway, you may as well take advantage of that ownership.

You’ll obviously have to put your articles up on an article directory. But who says you should stop at just one? More article directories means more exposure for your company and your links. And because you don’t have to submit different articles for each directory, you could get up to ten times as much exposure from a single article by posting it multiple times.

How many is enough? Five to ten is the usual range used by SEO experts. And those aren’t just random directories; you should take the time to pick out the directories that are the best and most viewed so that you get maximum returns for each article submission. That list of prime article directories varies by provider, so you may want to get article submission right alongside your SEO copywriting services.

Getting articles and Internet copy written is no cheap deal. It always costs quite a considerable amount of money, especially if you have a very wide market to target. Maximizing your SEO copy and optimizing the way you use them might not reduce the costs of your SEO, but they’ll certainly increase the returns you get from your expense.

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