Why Do I Need a Copywriter…?

I was asked the other day “what does a copywriter actually do?” To put it simply a copywriter is a ‘sales person in print’ they write many things from sales letters, to brochures, to adverts you see in the papers, to the TV commercials you see or radio ads.

One thing is for sure whatever is being sold, there is always a copywriter being paid to write the sales material that you read. Whether its magazines ads, catalogs, brochures, order forms, flyers, web sites or direct mail packages you receive through the post. It’s a copywriter that will have written it.

There are two types of copywriters one that is freelance and one that works for an advertising agency. There are copywriters that specialize in certain areas such as the health market, radio ads, TV ads, fundraising or just for the corporate world. Others write for a variety of markets and subjects like direct mail, website writing, long sales letters or brochures.

As a freelance copywriter I tend to world for the latter market and do a variety of markets and subjects and this gives me a variety of different subject to write about.

Using a copywriter can greatly enhance your copy that sells your business. The copywriter can write copy specific to your business needs. For instance many people when they have a web site made they use that person to write the copy for the website. But the website designer is just that – a website designer. He or she shouldn’t be used to write your copy. A design is important – But it’s the copy that gets read and that’s what sells your business.

A copywriter’s objective is to write clear, concise and effective copy for your business – copy that boosts your profits and attracts the right customer to your business.

By outsourcing your copy requirements to a copywriter you will get tailor-made copy for whatever project you have in mind. It’s well worth your money to invest in a copywriter. Using the right copy for your chosen project is important to your business, because copy sells and every business is in the game of selling.

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