Why Your Website Will Fail Without Keyword Research

One of the biggest mistakes a website can make is to ignore keyword research.  It is doesn’t matter how great your website is or how low your prices are, if nobody can find it.  For people to be able to find your website, you need to get your website to show up in search engine queries related to your niche.  If you don’t take the time to figure out what keywords people are using to find your products or services, all you can do is blindly guess which keywords to use.  You’ll probably be able to guess some good keywords, but there are likely hundreds of other keywords that you haven’t even considered.  Some of your choices may not even be worth targeting.

Not Everyone Searches Like You

Too many people assume that they know exactly which phrases people will use when searching for their products or services.  To you it may make sense for most people to just type in your exact product name.  Not everyone thinks and behaves the same way as you do though.  Here are some ways that their searches could vary:

-They may throw in an extra descriptive word. 
-They may use a synonym for your product
-They might type a whole sentence or just a 2 word phrase.
-They might use regional spelling or terminology.

These are just some examples or search variations.  Some other people might not even know what your product is called.  Some people may search for a very broad phrase, while others search for something very precise.  You just don’t know really know what people are searching for unless you do some research.

How Good Keywords Will Help Your Website

Choosing the best keywords can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.  Good keywords can improve your traffic volume, total sales and conversion rates.

By doing keyword research you can get a good idea of which keywords get the most search volume.  This ensures that you are targeting keywords that enough people are searching for, instead of wasting resources on keywords that don’t get enough searches.  Advanced keyword research will also help identify which keywords have less competition.  These keywords would be easier to get rankings and traffic from.

If you increase your traffic volume, your overall sales are bound to improve, especially if you are targeting quality, relevant keywords.

When you do keyword research you will be able to identify which keywords are most relevant to your niche.  Targeting highly relevant keywords improves the quality of traffic on your website.  These people are much more likely to buy your products or services.

What If You Ignore Keyword Research

Ignoring keyword research is a little like opening up a store but not bothering to put a sign out front.  That sign tells your potential customers what your store offers.  If those people don’t know what your store specializes in, they may very well walk right by your store without going in.  Not putting a ‘sign’ on your website is even worse.  Instead of getting a lot of street traffic that might walk into your store, your store is now in a back alley with a sign written in Swahili.

If you don’t do proper keyword research, you either won’t get much traffic or that traffic will be low quality.  Usually it will be a combination of both.  As a result your sales and profits will suffer.  The people looking for your products may never find your website.  Essentially you would be wasting the potential of your website.  If you want your website to succeed, keyword research is a must!

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